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Racing Trailer Pit Lights - Dual 10' - 20,000 Lumens
  • Racing Trailer Pit Lights - Dual 10' - 20,000 Lumens

    • Pre-drilled holes for quick assembly (5 minutes or less)
    • Patent Pending laser cut bracket for holding light fixtures securely to pole
    • 10 foot pole breaks down to 5 foot sections for easy storage
    • The Ultimate in Pit Lighting thru design and innovation


    We designed the dual 10 foot pit lighting set to provide unmatched lighting in your pit area by putting both light fixtures on the end of each 10 foot pole. This allows the maximum amount of light to make it out over your racing vehicle. We also utilize a patent pending parallel mounting bracket, which gives you the most illumination on the ground and less light lost out towards the sky. The bracket is heavy duty and is simply better than the other pit lights on the market that use flimsy metal clips and zip ties to hold the light to the pole. This model stores easily by quickly unscrewing the tube connectors, which connect pit light poles. The tube connectors are 10” long and sturdy; making the joint secure.  We set out to build the best pit light on the market and deliver it to our fellow racers. This set of racing trailer pit lights produces 20,000 lumens and is sure to provide excellent lighting for your race team. 


    SKU: dual10'
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