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Racing Trailer Pit Light - Single 5' - 10,000 Lumens
  • Racing Trailer Pit Light - Single 5' - 10,000 Lumens

    • Compact in size, but huge on light (10,000 lumens in single 5 foot)
    • Patent Pending laser cut bracket for holding light fixtures securely to pole
    • Pre-drilled holes for quick assembly (5 minutes or less)
    • Single 5 foot pit light stores eaisly

    If you want the maximum amount of brightness on a shorter pole, then our single 5 foot pole with two light fixtures is the way to go. We designed this pit light to optimize the amount of illumination to your working area. We have developed a patent pending parallel mounting bracket to mount both fixtures on the pole to achieve the optimum amount of light towards the ground. The bracket is sturdy and simply better than other pit lights that use stamped metal clips and zip ties to hold the light to the pole. A LED pit light that doesn’t have our parallel mounting bracket isn’t as efficient. Pit Viper tested this design to minimize light loss towards the sky and put the optimal brightness in your working area. This double light fixture assembly produces 10,000 intense lumens and runs off an extension cord. 

    SKU: single5'
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