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Racing Trailer Pit Light - Single 10' - 10,000 Lumens
  • Racing Trailer Pit Light - Single 10' - 10,000 Lumens

    • Patent Pending laser cut bracket for holding light fixtures securely to pole
    • Pre-drilled holes for quick assembly (5 minutes or less)
    • 10 foot pole breaks down to 5 foot sections for easy storage

    We designed the single 10’ unit with both light fixtures at the end to get the most light out over your racing vehicle. Our pit lights utilize a patent pending laser cut parallel mounting bracket, which allows for more illumination towards the ground instead of losing light in the sky or away from your working area. The bracket is sturdy and is simply better than other pit lights that use flimsy metal clips and zip ties to hold the lights in place. Any product without our parallel mounting bracket isn’t a Pit Viper original. Another fantastic feature of our 10 foot design is the ability to quickly break down your unit for easy storage inside your enclosed racing trailer. Disconnect your top pole from the bottom pole by unscrewing your connector tube for easy storage. The 10” connector tube is sturdy and creates a strong joint, but also easily taken apart for flexible storage options. This set produces 10,000 high-powered lumens, so working on your vehicle before, during, or after the race is efficient. 

    SKU: single10'
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