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Racing Canopy Pit Light Set - 10,000 Lumens
  • Racing Canopy Pit Light Set - 10,000 Lumens


    Pit Viper Light's racing pop-up canopy light set was designed to give you ample light underneath your canopy, while freeing up your hands to work on your race vehicles. Producing 10,000 lumens of "daylight" colored light, our racing canopy pit lights create ideal working conditions for your pit. Engineered for easy attachment to your canopy tent arms, installs on your canopy in just a few minutes; and removal and storage of your canopy light set is also easy. This set of lights has plenty of brightness for working in your pits at the track. 

    Warranty – 2 Year Limited Warranty

    Ready to put up in your canopy in just a few moments after opening.

    Free Shipping in lower 48 states. Ships same day if ordered by 12 noon Eastern Time.

    Includes –

    • Two 48" integrated light assemblies
    • Four flexible straps for easy attachment and removal
    • One 48" Connection Wire
    • One 60” Power cable with on/off switch

    *Unit operates on 120V AC*

    SKU: canopykit
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