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Andrews Motorsports Legend Car Front Clip w/kickups
  • Andrews Motorsports Legend Car Front Clip w/kickups

    PriceFrom $479.99

    NOTE: When shipped the clips DO NOT include the kick ups welded in place or Lollie Pops. This is for two reasons, one the Legends car chassis vary so much that we have discovered in our fabrication shop it is better to install the kick ups first and then the clip. The second reason is shipping expense. The extra few inches of dimensional size almost doubles the shipping cost.


    We now also offer the steering rack plates in 1/4" and 1/8", please choose your steering rack size from the options on the rightIf you require a clip with the kick ups installed, please contact us at the shop before purchasing OR the clip will be shipped as previously described.


    In some circumstances this part may have to be truck freight. If you will request an invoice before making payment, I will try to ship the cheapest most effective way possible

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